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My case is already in progress. Can I still retain services from Marcus, Hastings & Associates?

Although MHA can be helpful early on in a case to advise during the discovery process and act in a strategic capacity prior to going to trial, often we can still provide assistance even if a case is already underway. To discuss the particular details of your case, contact us today.

I can look at my books and see what my business is worth. Why do I need a professional valuator?

Many different factors affect the value of a business, including economic trends, market position, competition, and other intangible assets; without the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a credentialed analyst, you might risk pricing your business too low.

What are ‘intangible assets’?

Intangible assets include items of worth that are more abstract than real estate and personal property but that can still affect the value of a business; these can include intellectual property, contracts, copyrights, subscriptions, and “goodwill,” which refers to such intangibles as reputation and geographic location.

Do I have to live near MHA’s office in order to retain your services?

At MHA, our primary market area is the Southeast United States – everywhere from Texas to Florida – we have assisted clients with valuation and damages cases throughout the United States. We are electronically based and can accommodate virtually any long distance business relationship.

Could an accountant perform the same function as a Certified Forensic Financial Analyst (CFFA)?

The role of a financial expert in litigation is not for amateurs. The CFFA designation signifies that the specialist in question has met a series of prerequisites and demonstrated to the legal community that he or she has the training, experience, and knowledge to offer forensic litigation support and expert witness testimony, a specific level of qualifications above and beyond that of an accountant.

Can I contact you personally or must I have an attorney?

It depends on the nature of the project. If you are working with an attorney in a litigation matter, you and the attorney should discuss the retention of an expert. If you are interested in a business valuation or damages calculation and are not working with an attorney, you can contact us directly. Although attorneys work with us, Certified Public Accountants, business owners, and individuals frequently come to us for assistance as well.

Do I need an extensive business valuation or can I get something less formal?

There are two levels of business valuation: a conclusion of value and a calculation of value. A conclusion of value is a comprehensive analysis in which the valuator must adhere to detailed development and reporting requirements and all three valuation methods must be considered before determining which approach is appropriate. This is the type of report that is required for estate and gift tax filings and is typically required for instances that will lead to litigation or other situations where the analyst must defend his or her findings/report. Alternatively, a calculation of value uses a method agreed upon beforehand between the client and the valuator and the requirements for development and reporting are reduced. Rather than opining on the value of the business or interest, the valuator applies the valuation methodology agreed upon with the client. This is typically less expensive than a conclusion and is useful in most divorce situations. For more information on what type of business valuation may be most useful for you, call us for a free 20 minute discussion.

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